Plan For Your Future

Bill Hickey Financial Services has been helping clients set goals and plan for retirement for over 25 years. Bill and his team are committed to helping their clients achieve their investment goals in the most tax-efficient, cost-effective way possible. 

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Retirement Planning

Funding your retirement involves setting goals, evaluating your income, and coming up with a realistic savings plan that allows you to achieve your goals. Our financial team will make this process simple and comfortable for you, giving you peace of mind and taking away the stress that can come with retirement planning.

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Estate Planning

Our financial team provides assistance to families with large, complex estates. Estate planning is a necessary part of protecting your assets and providing for your family's needs. We plan in a way that is tax efficient, minimizing estate and gift taxes for all family members in the estate.

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Employer Pension Plans

Bill Hickey Financial Services offers comprehensive financial solutions to employers of all sizes. Choosing a plan for your employees is a complicated decision, which is why we offer guidance and a variety of options to our clients.

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